Large Pillar Candles

Hand Made Pillar Pet Candles, (Made In USA)

Are you looking for a candle to satisfy your pursuit of home décor and relaxation. We have modern candle designs, wonderful candle costs and fast shipping across the globe.
Everlasting Hug candles have simple appearance designs with a variety of pet styles, colors and scents for your unique tastes. This unique pillar candle is truly a one of a kind. Slow burning with your choice of scents;  Almond (Great for pet odors), Lavender (perfect for relaxation), Vanilla (for an extremely pleasant small) or Unscented (for those that just like to watch the candle illuminate the room. Your choice of cat or dog styles. Each pillar stands 5 1/2″ tall and 4″ in diameter. What a great gift for pet lovers. All made here in the USA.

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