Keepsake Figurines

Keepsake Figurine© Collection (Hand Made In USA)

These unique figurines are patented, designed and created by Charles Kern, a local Pennsylvania sculptor.
The figurine represents the celebration of the loving bond that you, a friend or a loved one has with your pet. An unconditional everlasting love. We carry keepsake pet figurines for dog, cat, horse and even rabbit lovers. Our dog breed collection is now available, which consists of Service Dogs, German Shepherds and Standard Poodles. More are on the way. And yes we design and hand craft custom designs as well.
Within each Keepsake figurine is a small hidden chamber that can be filled with a treasure (a picture; a note; some fur, a small toy, a small portion of ashes or even a name tag). Knowing that you have this personal memory inside, when it is caressed and thought upon takes you to a good and special place you shared with your pet… creating a unique memorial. Feelings of happy memories and/or peaceful closure will settle in as you hold your beloved vessel, offering a hug of love and thanks to you for their life with or because of you. And if you or a friend are going through the loss of a dear pet, the figurine will help to sooth your troubled mind with thoughts of love and joy and happy memories.
Each vessel is made of a special blend of light weight polyurethane resin that is individually crafted and hand painted at our gallery / workshop in Bridgeport, PA. USA. Each one can be held easily in your hands (3 ¼” tall and 2 ¾” wide). The heartfelt design of the Everlasting Hug© transmits everything a loving bond between pet and human endures. The love… the thanks… the loyalty.
When there are no words… the Everlasting Hug© says it all.

Being a 501(c)3 Non Profit organization, 100% of our profits go to helping pets in need

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