Candle Holders

Hand Sculpted Cave Candle Holders & Wall Sconces (Made in USA)

Admire a hand carved Cave Candle® that shelters the soft glow of a flame warming the spirit. They are available in different sizes and function as a wind resistant outdoor candle holder or as an indoor cozy conversation piece. Each one is hand-sculpted from a lightweight pumice and no two are ever alike. The caves are carved in a very unique way that makes the burning candle glow, even in the daytime. They can be made to fit tea lights or votives. We recess all of our candles into the base of the cave which makes each candle very stable and helps to illuminate the cave even more.
Cork or rubber feet are attached to their base to help protect your furniture.
Cave Candles are all vented to allow proper air circulation. They are wind resistant, so they can be enjoyed both indoor and out.

Our wall sconces are even more unique. They can be made to hold one, two or more candles as you wish. Designs are based on whatever you might be looking for. Just give us a call.

Both are heartfelt ways to memorialize your pet. We even have many themes to choose from here at Everlasting Hug and custom work is always available. Purchase one online or come visit us at our gallery in Bridgeport, PA (USA).

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