Our Indoor Tabletop Fountains

We have over 30 years experience hand sculpting our own line of indoor tabletop fountains. All guaranteed NOT TO SPLASH!! Pumps are quiet and the sound is incredibly relaxing. (read more)

Our Unique Candle Line

All of our candles are hand crafted right here at our Everlasting Hug gallery/workshop in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania. What a precious gift to give someone. (read more)

Loss & Bereavement of Pets

As a pet owner, you understand that the day will come when you have to say goodbye to the beloved pet that captured your heart. This is a very difficult moment and often your friends do not understand your grief. (read more)

Our Keepsake Figurines 

No two figurines are ever alike. That is what makes them special, just like your pet. (read more)

Our Pet Memorials

We design and create beautifully hand sculpted Pet Memorials. (read more)

Our Pet Urns

We design and hand craft our own unique line of pet urns. Custom designs are also available. (read more)

You can be a part of helping Everlasting Hug, Inc. make a difference now. When you make a purchase here 100% of the profit made is going to abandoned pets get the proper food, medicine and shelter needed to survive.