My Story

My love affair with saving pets in need began in 2015 when we adopted our third, special needs rescue cat, Twee. Knowing that so many pets were in need of help (9 million pets going to shelters that are under staffed and underfunded. Of which close to half are being euthanized) was just staggering to my mind. And now also knowing the pets that weren’t perfect, like my Twee, stood zero chance of ever finding a home before they were euthanized was not even comprehensible. This made a lasting impact on me. Being an artist/sculptor for more than 30 years compelled me to use my talents to make a difference. So, in the beginning of 2015 I found myself designing and sculpting the first of it’s kind, Everlasting Hug Keepsake Figurine©. My thoughts and desires were that the profits made by the sale of the figurine would be used to be able to help those animals that are less fortunate than others. The unwanted pets that are surrendered to shelters. The unwanted litters that get dropped off.  The sick pets that are left out to fend for themselves. The senior pets that become neglected and taken to be put down. Over the next two years I transformed Everlasting Hug, Inc. into a nonprofit 501( c )3 company that could provide the necessary funding to abandoned pets all over the USA. I now have more than 15 different creations in the Everlasting Hug collection that I have secured copyrights and patents for. When we sell any of my unique designs, 100% of the profits are used to help unwanted pets in need. And this is only the beginning!

Professional Artist

For more than 30 years Charles has designed and created works of art for more than 30,000 people. Some are famous, but most are like just you and me.

Custom Designer

If everyone could develop the art of listening, then this world would truly be amazing! I not only hear what you say but can see it as well.

Pet Advocate

I have seen the many pets in need with my own eyes. Tis is my way of giving back and making this world a better place that whence I came into it.

You can be a part of helping Everlasting Hug, Inc. make a difference now. When you make a purchase here 100% of the profit made is going to abandoned pets get the proper food, medicine and shelter needed to survive.