Charles Kern, a sculptor from Pennsylvania, has created the Everlasting Hug pet product line to help reduce the number of animals that die each year from abuse, neglect, and starvation.

100% of the profits from all sales of these patented gifts are distributed to the pet rescue groups and organizations that have requested financial assistance from Everlasting Hug, Inc. a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

These amazing handcrafted pet related gifts (Figurines, Candles and Candle Holders, Pet Memorials, Tabletop Fountains, Pet Urns & Loss and Bereavement) are emotional works of art that celebrate the bond between human and animal, past or present.  Each piece makes a memorable addition to any room.

Your purchase or donation today saves the life of an unwanted pet tomorrow. Don’t wait, get your Hug today! Be a part of this much needed movement. Millions of animals are depending on us for their food, shelter, and daily care.


Or give your best donation and help Everlasting Hug save the lives of pets in need.


Your donation will be used to help Everlasting Hug Inc. make a difference.

Purchase your Everlasting Hug products today and help us create more

happy endings of amazing animal rescues.

Give a hug… save a life


Made In USA

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